HH-T aerogel nonwoven fabric

HH-T aerogel  non woven fabric,also known as non-woven fabric, or called non woven fabric. Because it is a kind of form to textile fabric, but the textile fiber or filament for directional or random arrangement, the formation of the fiber network structure, and then use the machinery, thermal or chemical methods such as reinforcement, with nano porous network structure of HH aerogel and permeability good non-woven fabrics or wool composite, which has high thermal insulation performance of nano composite material, its thermal insulation performance than the traditional thermal insulation materials, can be used for daily insulation.


(Note: the above data is based on the general average of the test method, for reference only, not as a product quality assurance, product updates, will be reorganized, the actual index is subject to contract.)

HH-T aerogel  non woven fabric(Don't drop powder)

HH-T aerogel  non woven fabric(hard)

HH-T aerogel  non woven fabric(soft)

HH-T aerogel  non woven fabric(Contrast of soft and hard)