HH-F650 aerogel felt

HH-F650 adopt unique process integrates aerogel into a fiber-batting reinforcement to create flexible,resilient, durable aerogel super thin felt with superior insulating properties.HH-F650 is the most Ideal insulation material, which can widely applied tomedium-high temperature pipe, tank, equipment insulation and other special insulation fields.


(Note:The above data is based on an average general test method measured for reference purposes only, and not as guaranteed quality of manufactured products, along with product updates, will be adjusted, the actual indicators of the contract shall prevail.)

HH-F650 Aerogel Felt(3mm)

HH-F650 Aerogel Felt(6mm)

HH-F650 Aerogel Felt(10mm)

HH-F650 Aerogel Felt(Glass fiber cloth Wrap)