HH-G Hydrophobic Nano Aerogel Silica Powder


Aerogels known as cold smoke, solid smoke, solid air or blue smoke are among the lightest and best performing insulation materials currently known for solid materials. More than 90% of its volume is extremely small nano-holes, and the rest consists of three-dimensional nano-mesh walls. To meet the needs of industrial insulation and other areas.




1, Unparalleled heat insulation effect.

2, Excellent light dispersion.

3, Good physical stability.

4, Can improve the acoustic performance.

5, High porosity and high specific surface area.

6, Nano-scale pores, very low density.


1, Very low thermal conductivity - making high performance nano insulation.

2, Unique nanostructure - production of new exotic filter material.

3, High specific surface area - making super energy storage materials or catalyst carriers.

4, Wide range of acoustic impedance - can be used to make acoustic impedance couplings and materials for ultrasonic detectors.