HH-D Aerogel powder


HH-D Aerogel powder refer to silica aerogel particles having a nanoporous structure.In addition to excellent thermal insulation, sound insulation, adsorbability, environmental protection, flame retardant and hydrophobic properties, the product also has the characteristics of low density, small pore size, high specific surface area and large porosity,can be used in the fields of thermal insulation equipment structural interlayer, filling layer and composite layer.




3.1Excellent thermal insulation performance.

3.2Highly hydrophobic.

3.3Very low density.

3.4Good sound insulation.

3.5Green environmental protection


4.1Thermal insulation filler for petrochemical pipeline.

4.2Cold-proof clothing filler.

4.3Insulating foamed sheet filler

4.4Can be used as filler instead of fumed silica.

4.5Suitable for making waterborne aerogel slurry and adding various kinds of thermal insulation coatings in waterborne coatings.

4.6Can be used in powder coatings instead of pigments and fillers.

4.7Can be used as oil cleaner for ocean, lake and other water surface

4.8Can be added in foamed PVC (20%) to make sound insulation board for building materials.

5.Operational notes

5.1Do not inhale the dust during use.

5.2Recommended to install ventilation equipment in areas prone to dust.

5.3To avoid direct contact with skin and eyes, gloves, masks, goggles and other protective devices are recommended.


Packing in drum.

7.Storage Mode

7.1Sealed and stored in a dry, ventilated place.

7.2Do not place with other volatile chemicals to prevent the aerogel from absorbing these substances.