HH-C Aerogel waterborne thermal insulation coating


HH-C Aerogel waterborne thermal insulation coating is to add aerogel with thermal insulation properties to the water-based thermal insulation material (intermediate layer), so that the thick coating has high performance of heat insulation and insulation performance based on the original performance. It is a safe and environmentally friendly New building insulation material.




3.1 Shaped parts are also convenient for construction.

3.2 Water-based, non-toxic and environmentally friendly.

3.3 Overall hydrophobicity.


4.1Insulation of medium and low temperature pipelines and equipment.

4.2High-performance insulation of storage tanks, building roofs and walls.

5.Operational notes

5.1After the metal surface is applied, after the sandblasting treatment, the high temperature antirust paint exceeding 20% of the maximum working temperature is applied to ensure that the metal surface has no oil and no rust; The building substrate needs to be coated with a protective primer to ensure that the base layer is clean and free of dust.

5.2Do not freeze or expose to the sun. Store at room temperature and away from light.After use, pay attention to sealing inside the container to avoid drying.

5.3Storage and avoiding drying can add a small amount of water to the surface layer, and the amount of water added should not exceed 3% of the coating volume.

5.4It takes 1-2 hours to dry the surface of the water-based coating. Please give enough drying time and pay attention to the protection of the finished product.

5.5Aerogel coatings have high viscosity and should not be diluted excessively during use. Dilution will cause delamination and affect performance.

5.6High-efficiency construction is recommended to use a dedicated high-power high-pressure airless sprayer with the gun nozzle as close as possible to the substrate.


Packing in drum.

7.Storage Mode

7.1Sealed and stored in a dry, ventilated place.

7.2Do not place with other volatile chemicals.

7.3Do not touch the package with sharp objects to prevent leakage.